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Why us

More and more consumers expect to receive complete and credible product data so they can make an informed decision when buying, whether the source of this information is a mobile app or a website. 89% оf the consumers use a mobile device while shopping, 54% of them use their smartphones to research the products at home.

Today, the information which is delivered to the consumers is from different sources with questionable quality – a mix of incomplete data from the manufacturer and unreliable data from other sources. The unique identification which is the link between the item and the right information about it, is often missing.

Bad data undermines the consumer’s trust and negatively affects the product brand, as well as the brand owner, manufacturer, retailer, e-tailer, app developer, etc.

The information in BG Barcode is filled in by users, authorized by the manufacturers and brand owners. This guarantees the quality and reliability of the data. Each product is uniquely identified with its own barcode number (GTIN). The efforts of the companies to input the data will be rewarded by increasing consumers trust in their brand, wide spreading the information and restricting the counterfeit products. BG Barcode guarantees safety and rapid growth in sales.

The information can be automatically shared through apps, reached by the BG Barcode’s website or by scanning the product’s barcode.

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